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33 Seater Bus Hire - Coach Hire Worcester

The 33-seater bus is the mid-sized vehicle in our coach hire Worcester service. This bus comfortably seats up to 33 passengers, and has ample space for their luggage as well.

The mid-sized bus, capable of accommodating around 30 passengers, is ideal for schools, colleges, church groups, and sight-seeing groups, as it allows all members of the group to travel for their excursions, in one go. The group travelling together cut costs and also spares the organisers the logistical nightmares of having to co-ordinate the movement of different vehicles.

Our 33-seater coaches deliver a smooth and comfortable trip. It spots powerful air-conditioning, music system, overhead LED reading lights, reclining seats with armrests and food trays, anti-slip mats, drinks fridge, and a host of other accessories. The wide aisle makes it easy for the group to move around, and have fun. The skilled and experienced driver who comes with our coach hire Worcester knows the vehicle like the back of his hands, and guarantee a smooth and comfortable trip. The drivers are familiar with the region, and take the best routes to ensure you reach your destination on time.

We maintain our vehicles thoroughly, and ensure it is clean and free from all defects, before the start of any trip. Get in touch with our round-the-clock customer support team, to book this vehicle now, and be spared of all transportation-related worries.

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